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For 15 years, we have demonstrated our passion for mobile lifting devices. Uplifter has by far the largest portfolio of mini cranes, glass vacuum lifters, glass lifters and mobile cranes on the European market. We are constantly expanding our product range.

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Glassworker GW 295

Glassworker GW 295 Produktbild-web

The most agile in his class
available from summer 2020

  • Lifting capacity max. 295 kg
  • Reliable indoors
  • Lifting height (vertical) 2,42 m.
  • Lifting height (overhead) 2,90 m.
  • Folding steering drawbar as a standard
  • Self-monitoring security system

Glassworker GW 425

The strongest and safest of its class

  • Lifting capacity max. 425 kg
  • Reliable to use indoor and outdoor
  • Max. lifting height (vertical) 3,00 m
  • Max. lifting height (overhead) 3,40 m
  • Lifting capacity fully extended 150 kg
  • Standard handlebar hinged
  • Optional wireless remote control for lifting arm and suction disc movements
  • Operating time min. 14 hours
  • Individual arrangement of the suction cups
  • Self monitoring system
  • 24 V automotive socket

Glassworker GW 625-2


The strongest off-road glass lifter of its class

  • Lifting capacity max. 625 kg
  • Max. lifting height (vertical) 3,10 m/3,60 m „Highlifter“
  • Max. lifting height (overhead) 3,60 m/4,20 m „Highlifter“
  • Individual arrangement of the suction cups
  • Hydraulic rotator as a standard feature
  • Standard wireless remote control for boom and suction disc movements
  • Self monitoring system

SL 280 Indoor glass lifter

Glaslifter SL 280 Indoor

Compact, flexible glass lifter with minimal turning radius

  • Load capacity: max. 280 kg
  • Vertical assembly up to 2.30 m
  • Overhead assembly up to 2.65 m
  • Stepless drive over the rear axle
  • Built-in battery charger

SL 780 Outdoor glass lifter


Millimeter accurate lifting and placing of almost a ton of weight

  • Lifting capacity max. 850 kg
  • Vertical assembly up to 4,25 m
  • Overheadwork up to 4,60 m
  • Wireless remote control
  • Continuously self-propulsion by front axle
  • Completely hydraulically lifting movements
  • Suction unit with completely hydralically 3-D movements
  • Tires suitable for off-road
  • Protection class acc. to ip65
  • Integrated charger
  • Solid construction