The best tips and tricks directly from the construction site

Modern glazing units and their pitfalls during installation. How can transport damage and cracks in the pane be avoided? What equipment do the professionals rely on?
Uplifter offers you manual transport aids for window fitters, heating engineers and anyone who has to lift, move and transport heavy loads. The attractiveness of the tradesman's profession has dropped dramatically. Heavy lifting, hard work and poor posture combined with back and neck pain are often equated with professions such as window fitter, glazier and window installer. This does not have to be the case!
You should definitely pay attention to this before buying! The big check: What distinguishes a good glass mounting crane from a bad one? We would like to know this in more detail and have asked product and innovation managers exclusively...
Pick & carry cranes are robust and almost indestructible. But who actually takes care of the maintenance and service of such cranes if the manufacturer no longer exists or is only active abroad? This is a problem that many mobile crane owners are currently facing. You will find possible solutions in this article.
A frequently asked question. We at Uplifter know the answer. Field report from the construction site: mini crane and glass vacuum cleaner in use in winter temperatures. Whether the curved panes could be moved?
By using fixed hooks and crane tips, the lifting height and the working radius can be increased and thus work can be carried out in areas that are difficult to access.