Guide for fixed hook and crane tip

Customers ask us again and again: What are the advantages of a Fly Jib? Why do Uplifter fitters use the fixed hook?

In order to extend the application possibilities of our cranes, various accessories are available. For example, fixed hooks, so-called searcher hooks, or additional crane jibs (fly jibs) can be used as extensions for awkward lifting operations. By using them, the lifting height and the working radius can be increased and thus work can be done reliably even in areas that are difficult to access.

Fixed hook

The Fix Hook or Seeker Hook/Mounting Tip is installed on the crane boom and is ideal for attaching glass suction cups, such as the UPG300, UPG350, UPG450, UPG600, UPG1000, UPG1200 or other equipment under the hook. The fixed hook is ideal for work where conventional equipment causes difficulties. For example, working at low room height or with obstacles such as a roof overhang or a balcony is possible with the additionally mounted finder hook.

Fixed hook 1.5t for MC305 and MC405


For our MAEDA mini cranes MC305 and MC405 an additional 3-fold adjustable mounting hook is available. It can be mounted easily and quickly and, with a load capacity of 1.5 t, is perfect for any application. The assembly tip is adapted for use with a glass or vacuum suction cup from us and is characterised by excellent handling.

Fly Jib

The fly jib is an extension of the jib that is additionally mounted on the crane tip. The attachment of a jib extension enables the lifting of loads with an increased working radius and hoisting height. This allows loads to be moved safely over high roofs or balustrades.

Fly Jib crane tip for MC405

 The regular lifting height of the MAEDA MC405 mini crane, 16.8 m, can easily be increased up to 20.7 m with the optional crane tip, the Fly Jib. For manual operation, the length of the jib is adjusted with a pin.

Not only for our MAEDA cranes, but also for our VALLA cranes, such as VALLA V36 R, VALLA V80 R or VALLA 250 E, the fixed hook and different fly jib crane tips are available as additional accessories. Depending on the model, you can choose between the manual fly jib and the hydraulic fly jib. The difference here is the operation for the angle of inclination and the extension of the fly jib. Whereas with the manual extension, the angle of inclination and length have to be adjusted by hand, with the hydraulic fly jib you have the option of flexibly adjusting the inclination and reach with a cable remote control. This allows more freedom in choosing the appropriate inclination than the fixed positions of the manual jib. 

You want to rent or buy a mounting jib or fly jib and still need help or further information? Contact our team of technical experts to find out more about Uplifter's range of assembly jibs and fly jibs: +49 9433-204990 or


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