Is it possible to set window panes with vacuum cups even in winter?

Can vacuum technology actually be used in winter? 

When is vacuum technology in season? Are there any guidelines for its use? Sucking in cold window panes with vacuum technology - is it that easy? Our rental and sales staff at Uplifter are regularly confronted with questions like these. 

The answer is simple. 


Your Uplifter glass suction experts have the answer:

Uplifter vacuum cups are ready to go from 0°.

We would be happy to help you with your application planning and select the most suitable equipment. Inquire now without obligation: +49 9433 204990



Did you know that Uplifter glass suction cups with vacuum technology can also suction curved panes! Take a look at these pictures from a construction site in Poland. On this rental job, our installer relied on the suction power of the UPG350

By the way, on an international level we are constantly expanding the areas of rental and sales of mini crawler cranes, glass lifters, vacuum suction cups, lifting and transport equipment. We are represented by our own branches in Poland and the Czech Republic. We receive support in the worldwide distribution of our machines from our dealers based in Sweden, England, Portugal, Spain, France and Australia. Learn more now!

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