The big check: What distinguishes a good glass mounting crane from a bad one?

You should definitely pay attention to this before buying!

The big check: What distinguishes a good glass mounting crane from a bad one?

We would like to know this more precisely and have exclusively asked the product and innovation manager:

"Before investing, take enough time to deal with the device intensively and define your requirements exactly. It's best to ask the manufacturer directly for personal advice and ideally also for a demonstration where you can put the device through its paces. Thanks to Uplifter's sophisticated network of locations, you will find a support point close to you throughout Germany. Field service visits with demonstration units are, of course, also part of the manufacturer's comprehensive range of services." 

What payloads can the device handle?

"Be sure to look at the manufacturer's load charts for this. At Uplifter, you can find all load charts, technical information, instruction videos, etc. right on the homepage. You need a device with at least 1,000 kg load capacity? There are very few glass lifts in this class on the market. Unchallenged, the Glassworker GW1125 tops the list here with a phenomenal lifting capacity of up to 1,125 kg, unrivaled to date."

How flexible is the glass lifting device during installation?

"No two construction sites are the same. Constrained passageways and access points, little room for turning maneuvers and ever-larger pane, window and panel elements regularly pose challenges for installers. That's why it's important to consider how flexibly the installation equipment can be used. One function that many installers miss on conventional glass lifts is lateral swiveling. And who knows better than the machine operator himself, who works with the glass assembly cranes on a daily basis, both indoors and outdoors, what is needed for a smooth workflow on the construction site? After all, the lateral slewing function makes it much easier to swivel the elements picked up using vacuum technology in all directions. It even makes it possible to approach window openings at an angle without any problems. Good to know: this feature was already integrated into the Glassworker GW1125 during development and is standard on almost all Uplifter glass mounting devices."

What safety features does the unit offer to prevent damage and glass breakage?

"Broken glass, shattered panes, rejected corners - these are not only annoying for the installer and cause additional costs, but often also represent a huge time delay on the construction site. A glass lifter with a purely electrical control system cannot be operated very precisely, but this is absolutely necessary, especially with sensitive materials such as glass! Therefore, you should make sure that your device from 500 kg is equipped with sensitive hydraulics - like the Glassworker GW625 and GW1125.


And what if, for example, a step or ledge is overlooked when transporting the pane on the construction site and the entire unit falls over? In the worst case scenario, people are injured. This does not have to happen! Never skimp on safety! To ensure this to the maximum, the Uplifter company has developed an intelligent, self-monitoring measuring system for the GW1125, which no longer works mechanically as with many other glass lifts, but via electrics and sensors. The special feature: Error messages from the glass mounting crane and the connected vacuum circuit systems are displayed directly in the remote control - for increased safety during operation. Optical sensors prevent the crane from falling from floors, over landings and steps. Sources of danger are reliably detected and the glassworker stops automatically. Special supports, which can even be individually controlled and adapted to the surface, ensure optimum, particularly safe footing and increase the load-bearing capacity. Safety features you shouldn't do without!"

Make two out of one - what else can the glass assembly crane do?

"It may sound like science fiction at first, but have you ever thought about the fact that your glass mounting device can "transform" and thus be used in even more ways? No!? In the in-house production in Nabburg, Germany, the Uplifter design team made this idea a reality - until today unique in this class: two devices in one - with hundredfold possibilities! The vacuum cross on the Glassworker GW1125 can be easily disassembled without any tools thanks to a quick-change device. Use the GW1125 with winch to use the vacuum cross separately with optional tilting unit. The UPG1200 vacuum cup can also be used separately. Numerous accessories for the quick-change system, such as load hooks and rope winch, are available from Uplifter. Individually required accessories can be quickly attached to the machine. The ideal basis for developments in the field of special construction, also a core competence of Uplifter. Stay flexible and effectively save time with a development for the future! Why should you settle for less? Your company needs to stay fit for the future, with Uplifter's technology and assembly concepts you have the right partner on your side!"

Device purchased - and then?

"You have chosen a glass mounting crane. Congratulations! But not so fast. Have you thought about who will take care of regular maintenance, UVV inspections, repairs, etc.? Screen the supplier and check what services he can offer you even after the purchase, so that you can use your machine long-term and trouble-free. Appreciate the benefits that only Glassworker GW1125 manufacturer can offer you: Development, production, rental, sales and service - you can only get this complete package from Uplifter!"

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