Uplifter transport aids - your fitters will thank you!

Set new standards in your craft business: Uplifter - the lifting solution!

Uplifter offers you manual transport aids for window fitters, heating engineers and anyone who has to lift, move and transport heavy loads. The attractiveness of the tradesman profession has decreased dramatically. Heavy lifting, hard work and poor posture combined with back and neck pain are often equated with professions such as window fitter, glazier and window installer. This does not have to be! Trust in the innovations from Uplifter and make the daily work easier for you and your employees. Make your craft business attractive and modern and rely on the back-friendly transport aids and glazing cranes from Uplifter. We know exactly what we are talking about and which aids make it easier for you to transport window elements, façade parts and heavy loads. Save and maintain manpower is the motto. Especially in times of shortage of skilled workers. Show your employees your appreciation and take care of their health. By using Uplifter glassworkers and assembly equipment, you will benefit from satisfied employees, no staff absences due to sick leave caused by back problems, fast and clean work and enthusiastic, loyal customers. 

Get a piece of transport equipment tailored to your needs to keep your business viable. Thanks to our years of experience in the glass industry, we know what language the fitters speak and what tools you can use to effectively save time, manpower and costs in the future. What was previously only possible with several people can now be done by just one fitter with the help of a machine like the Glassworker. This is not only faster, but also safer. Are you tired of unnecessary administrative work and complaints because a pane broke during transport or the door elements were bent? Sensitive materials like glass are Uplifter's specialty. We ourselves work with numerous fitters on a wide variety of construction sites and have developed numerous machines in our own production that not only meet the requirements of our fitters, but exceed them. Thanks to our in-house development and production, we can also offer special solutions in mechanical engineering, in case our wide range of products is not sufficient. 

Call us - Uplifter has the transport solution for your company. We are also happy to develop special solutions, tailor-made to your requirements. 

Uplifter transport aids - your assemblers will thank you!

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