Uplifter | Glassworker GW 625 01

Glasslifter Glassworker GW 625 Outdoor

The strongest off-road glass lifter of its class

  • Lifting capacity max. 625 kg
  • Max. lifting height (vertical) 3,10 m
  • Max. lifting height (overhead) 3,60 m
  • Hydraulic turning motor for suction device as standard
  • Individual arrangement of the suction cups
  • Several speed levels for boom and device
  • Standard wireless remote control for boom and suction disc movements
  • All important parameters are viewable on the wireless remote control
  • Self monitoring system

Art.-Nr.: 105165

Uplifter Glassworker GW 625 getting started

Uplifter Glassworker GW 625 in Grand Tower Frankfurt

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