Max. load 1,125 kg Silicone-free suction plates (no marks) Including vacuum cross, can... more
Product information "GLASSWORKER GW1125"
  • Max. load 1,125 kg
  • Silicone-free suction plates (no marks)
  • Including vacuum cross, can be used individually by means of quick-change system and eyelets (tilting unit separately, art. no. 516002)
  • Support feet individually controllable for more load capacity
  • Max. Lifting height 4.55 m
  • Max. Lifting width to the front 2.32 m
  • Sensitive hydraulics
  • Radio remote control with LCD panel
  • Vacuum cross can be removed without tools
  • Vacuum cross individually configurable
  • Self-monitoring system
  • We recommend use only on stable and non-slip surfaces
  • Dead weight approx. 1,400 kg


The Beast - Awaken the Beast in you!

The best of 20 years of experience is in our largest and most powerful glassworker. 1,125 kg are no problem. Loads can be lifted up to a height of 4.55 metres. A quick-change device allows you to switch quickly and effectively from the vacuum cross to, for example, a forklift fork or cable winch without tools.

  • Hydraulic supports double the load capacity in use
  • Optical sensors prevent falling from floors, over landings and steps
  • The vacuum cross can be quickly dismantled and can also be used separately by means of a tipping adapter
  • Innovation meets experience and customer benefit. We develop and produce machines to make your work easier!



Use the GW1125 with winch to use the vacuum cross separately with optional tilting unit. 

The vacuum cup UPG1200 can also be used separately. 

24 h delivery time - worldwide delivery. Uplifter glass lifts are available in a wide range of models: from 295 kg load capacity to 1,125 kg. By the way, all Uplifter glass mounting equipment is also available for rent. Also ask about our offers for used glass lifters and window lifts. We will be happy to advise you. 

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Technical Data

Load capacity : 1.125 kg
Working height: 4,255 m Centre vacuum cross
Dead weight: 1.250 - 1.500 kg
Length : 2,674 m
Width: 0,951 m
Indoor: Yes
Off-road: Yes
Highlifter: Standard
Forward scope: 2,32 m
Operating time: up to 8.0 hours
Radio remote control: Yes
Transport: Truck