Manufacturer VALLA Max. load capacity 45,000 kg Max. jib length: 8.5 m Removable... more
Product information "VALLA V93-420RX"
  • Manufacturer VALLA
  • Max. load capacity 45,000 kg
  • Max. jib length: 8.5 m
  • Removable counterweight 10,000 kg
  • Super-elastic tyres
  • Traction: rear differential bridge with reducer/36 kW DC motor
  • Transmission Differential bridge with 2-speed gearbox up to 8 km/h
  • Hydraulic system: max. pressure 220 bar
  • Motion control via joystick
  • Mechanical parking brake
  • Power steering
  • Arm: four elements
  • Battery: 96 V - 1,550 Ah
  • Boom control via joystick in the cab
  • Electronic load limiting system
  • Total weight 31,000 kg
  • Hook height approx. 13.0 m
  • L x W x H: 4,800 x 2,090 x 2,300 mm


Standard equipment: 

Driver's cab, control via driver's cab, black solid rubber tyres, electronic load limiting system with display for showing the load and jib position (LMI)

This mobile crane is characterised by a hook height of up to 13.0 m and a maximum load capacity of 45,000 kg. Spacious driver's cab from which the jib and travel drive can be conveniently controlled. Do you already know VALLA connect? No? Then let us advise you on this innovative service now and benefit in the long term. Uplifter has specialised in vacuum and lifting technology for over 20 years. You can hire or buy VALLA mobile cranes from us. We offer new and used mobile cranes. Alternatively, you can also hire a device from our mobile crane hire service. Enquire now.


Efficient transport of heavy loads with a pick & carry crane: the ultimate solution for your heavy lifting needs

As an expert in the transport industry, I know how important it is to find efficient solutions for transporting heavy loads. One of the most innovative crane types that has proven itself in recent years is the Pick & Carry crane. In this article, I will give you a comprehensive insight into the world of pick & carry cranes and show you why they are the ultimate solution for your heavy lifting needs.

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Technical Data

Load capacity : 45.000 kg
Working height: 13,0 m
Indoor: Yes
Outdoor: Yes
Dead weight: 31.000 kg
Length : 4.800 mm
Width: 2.090 mm
Height: 2.300 mm
Drive unit: Electric motor