Manufacturer VALLA Load capacity max. 18,000 kg Traction control and boom control via... more
Product information "VALLA 180SE"
  • Manufacturer VALLA
  • Load capacity max. 18,000 kg
  • Traction control and boom control via radio remote control
  • Electric front brakes
  • ± 90° rear wheel steering
  • Arm: three elements
  • Tilt head with two positions as standard
  • Battery: 96 V 1,050 Ah/on-board charger
  • Electronic load limiting system 
  • Removable counterweight 3 x 6,500 kg
  • Total weight 23,600 kg
  • Working radius max. 13.5 m
  • Hook height approx. 16.0 m
  • L x W x H: 7,265 x 2,995 x 2,450 mm


Standard equipment: 
Radio remote control for traction/mast sections, non-marking tyres, 400V AC on-board charger, removable counterweight, four-position adjustable head with load hook, front bumper, electronic load limiting system with display to show load and jib position (LMI). 

The V160R model is now available in a trendy Italian design. Foldable fly jib and mechanical jib offer even more possibilities in use. Manual or hydraulic jib with idler pulley available as an accessory Electronic load limiting system with display for indicating the load and jib position (LMI).

tipThe head with load hook can be adjusted to two different positions - for maximum flexibility.

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Applications of pick & carry cranes in various industries

Pick & carry cranes are used in a wide range of industries. In the construction industry, they are often used to transport materials and equipment on construction sites. In the logistics sector, they can move heavy loads in warehouses or dispatch centres. Pick & carry cranes are also used in industry, particularly in factories and production facilities, to handle heavy machinery and components.

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Technical Data

Load capacity : 18.000 kg
Working height: 16,0 m
Indoor: Yes
Outdoor: Yes
Dead weight: 23.600 kg
Length : 7.265 mm
Width: 2.995 mm
Height: 2.450 mm
Drive unit: Electric motor