MC285 E

Load capacity max. 2,820 kg Working radius max. 8.2 m Hook height approx. 8.7 m L/W/H... more
Product information "MC285 E"
  • Load capacity max. 2,820 kg
  • Working radius max. 8.2 m
  • Hook height approx. 8.7 m
  • L/W/H 3,320 mm x 750 mm x 1,470 mm
  • Fully electric drive with lithium-ion battery pack
  • Variable motor 7.5 KW AC 30 V at 2,500 rpm
  • Continuous operating time
  • Driving (high speed) 2 hrs. 15 min.
  • Continuous operating time crane 9 h 30 min.
  • Charging time (AC 200 V) 2 hrs 15 min 80%, 3 hrs 30 min 100% 
  • White, abrasion-resistant rubber tracks
  • Own weight approx. 1,995 kg


Standard equipment

Radio remote control with integrated digital load display, operating hours counter, 2/4-fold hook block, white rubber tracks, overwind protection, hydraulic safety valves, levelling indicator, tilt alarm, emergency stop switch, load moment limiter, operating warning light data logger, locking of support legs

The first fully electrically driven mini crane from MAEDA. Zero emissions and therefore ideal for use in confined indoor spaces or large cities and, of course, whenever special regulations must be observed. Improved energy efficiency and productivity as well as lower ventilation and maintenance costs are just some of the advantages that go well beyond the general environmental aspect. With a lithium-ion battery, this crane can operate continuously for over 9 hours and be fully recharged in just 3.5 hours. In addition, continuous operation during charging is easily possible.

Crane capacity and operating speed are the same as the regular MC285 model. The battery-powered MAEDA MC285 E has a maximum capacity of 2.82 t x 1.4 m. The maximum lifting height on the ground is 8.7 m and the maximum working radius is 8.205 m x 0.15 t. All these innovative technical features are packed into this electric crane, which incidentally weighs only 2,000 kg. White rubber tracks are of course standard on this machine. Operating the crane is simple and intuitive, thanks to the reliable and ergonomic paddle lever remote control passed on from the regular MC285. Also indispensable is the programmable working range limiter to ensure safe and intelligent working throughout.

CONCLUSION: This MAEDA mini crane with white rubber tracks guarantees low-noise working in enclosed spaces, reduces energy costs and is convincing all along the line in purely electric travel mode.

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Technical Data

Load capacity : 2.820 kg
Working height: 8,70 m
Dead weight: 1.995 kg
Length : 2,80 m
Width: 0,75 m
Drive unit: Electric motor
Max. rope length: 40,4 m
Min. footprint: 2,18 m x 3,24 m