Manufacturer VALLA  Max. load capacity 11,000 kg 2 x removable counterweight with... more
Product information "VALLA V110R"
  • Manufacturer VALLA 
  • Max. load capacity 11,000 kg
  • 2 x removable counterweight with 2,100 kg each
  • 180° rear wheel steering
  • Arm: three telescopic elements Four tilt head positions as standard
  • Battery: 80 V 640 Ah with on-board charger
  • Radio remote control for travelling and crane operation
  • Total weight 11,400 kg
  • Working radius max. 10.4 m
  • L x W x H: 3,765 x 1,500 x 1,945 mm 


Standard equipment for both models: 

Radio control, non-marking tyres, front bumper, electronic load limiting system with display to show load and jib position (LMI), removable counterweights, on-board charger, four-position adjustable head with load hook, automatic battery refill 

The comprehensive standard equipment already provides an excellent basis. Numerous accessories such as winch, work lights, etc. round off the range. Do you have any questions about VALLA pick & carry cranes? Contact our experienced specialist advisors now and let us advise you without obligation. Together we will find the perfect mobile crane solution for you, whether a new mobile crane, used or for hire. 


Pick and Carry - the fantastic world of mobile cranes that can move anything

Welcome to the exciting world of pick and carry cranes! These small but powerful machines are true superheroes on the construction site. They can lift heavy loads, transport them anywhere and manoeuvre around tight corners with ease. In this article, we will take a closer look at Valla mobile cranes and find out why they are the perfect helpers for all kinds of construction projects.

A look at the VALLA V110R mobile crane

The Valla mobile crane is a real all-rounder. With its compact size and impressive lifting capacity of up to 11 tonnes, it is ideal for working indoors and in halls with limited space. The 180° rear-wheel steering makes it extremely flexible and versatile. Whether you need to transport heavy materials to a raised level or negotiate narrow passages, the Valla V110R mobile crane masters every challenge with flying colours. 

The all-rounder on the construction site - Valla V110R pick and carry crane

When it comes to moving and craning heavy loads, the mobile Valla V110 is the perfect choice. With its robust non-marking tyres and strong lifting capacity of up to 11 tonnes, it is able to transport heavy objects to almost any location. This model is also available with an extendable chassis. Regardless of which model variant you choose, both types impress with their excellent manoeuvrability and their ability to manoeuvre in the tightest of spaces. 

Pick and carry - more than just a mobile crane type 

Valla pick and carry cranes are not only known for their impressive performance, but also for their versatility. They are able to use various attachments such as forklift arms or grabs to handle different tasks. Whether it's loading materials, transporting construction materials or placing heavy loads in inaccessible places - Valla pick and carry electric cranes can do it all!  

Valla pick and carry crane hire - the best solution for construction projects 

Are you a building contractor? Then you probably know about the benefits of hiring a pick and carry crane. It's a cost-effective way to get access to a powerful machine without having to bear the costs of purchase, maintenance and repair. You can also benefit from the flexibility of being able to choose the right crane for each project and swap out the equipment you need when you need it. 



Valla pick and carry cranes are true marvels of technology. They combine power, manoeuvrability and versatility in a single device, making them the perfect helpers for all kinds of construction projects. If you are looking for a crane that can lift heavy loads and transport them to almost any location, then a Valla pick and carry crane is the right choice. Hire a mobile Valla crane and experience for yourself how these radio-controlled machines can move big things! The pick and carry crane can be used indoors and outdoors. These compact powerhouses have no outriggers and can travel with the load on the hook. For lifting heavy loads indoors or outdoors, we have the right Valla mobile crane for hire or purchase. Make an enquiry! Valla pick & carry cranes are 100% electric and have zero emissions. Their enormous power makes Valla mobile cranes the perfect pick & carry cranes for exceptional projects that require particularly high performance. Electric mobile cranes are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Whether in heavy industry, railway construction, for transporting industrial plant, in nuclear power stations, underground stations or for moving parts, a Valla mobile crane is always the right choice in terms of reliability and power. Uplifter is a well-known partner that specialises in rental solutions in addition to sales. The technical services are diverse and include, for example, the installation of machines, the provision of crane operators and further support through assembly services. Our rental offer includes the rental of Valla brand pick & carry cranes. Make your hire enquiry now. 

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Technical Data

Load capacity : 11.000 kg
Working height: 10,40 m
Indoor: Yes
Outdoor: Yes
Dead weight: 11.400 kg
Length : 3.765 mm
Width: 1.500 mm
Height: 1.945 mm
Drive unit: Electric motor