Max. load capacity 1,800 kg Front wheel N° 2 / 18 x 7 - 8" Rear wheel N° 1 / 300 x 135... more
Product information "VALLA 18E"
  • Max. load capacity 1,800 kg
  • Front wheel N° 2 / 18 x 7 - 8"
  • Rear wheel N° 1 / 300 x 135
  • Hydraulics 220 bar - 4 kW AC
  • Rear wheel drive N° 1 x 3 kW AC
  • Rear steering 700 W AC - 180°
  • Battery 48V-200Ah
  • Counterweights 520 kg
  • Brakes Electric brake
  • Dimensions 1,960 x 950 x 1,685 mm
  • Tare weight 2,180 kg (incl. 520 kg counterweights)


Possible accessories

  • Winch
  • Manual boom
  • Radio control
  • Automatic refuelling
  • On-board loader
  • Loading platform
  • Electric front brakes
  • Lithium batteries
  • ATEX conversion
  • Valla Connect system

tippNon-marking tyres - without abrasion. Ideal for use in industrial halls and on sensitive indoor floors. 

Increasing efficiency in industry with pick & carry mobile cranes

As an experienced professional in the industry, I have had the opportunity to observe different types of cranes and analyse their impact on industrial efficiency and productivity. One of the most notable crane types that has become increasingly popular in recent years is the pick & carry mobile cranes. These versatile machines have revolutionised the way we work in the industry, opening up new opportunities to complete tasks faster, more efficiently and more safely.

Advantages of using Pick & Carry mobile cranes

The use of pick & carry mobile cranes offers a number of advantages for the industry. One of the main advantages is their high mobility. Unlike conventional cranes, which are mounted on a fixed base, pick & carry mobile cranes can pick up loads and transport them to another location without the need for additional transport. This not only saves time, but also reduces the cost of using additional machines or vehicles.


Another advantage is their compact size. Pick & carry mobile cranes are usually smaller than conventional cranes, which means they can be used in confined spaces where larger cranes would not fit. This means they can also be used indoors or on construction sites where space is limited. This flexibility allows workers to complete their tasks more efficiently and quickly.


Another advantage is the simple operation of the Pick & Carry mobile cranes. Compared to conventional cranes, they require less training and experience to operate. This allows companies to save on training and certification costs while utilising skilled labour to increase productivity.

Product images
Technical Data

Load capacity : 1.800 kg
Working height: 5,0 m
Indoor: Yes
Outdoor: Yes
Dead weight: 2.180 kg
Length : 1.960 mm
Width: 950 mm
Height: 1.680 mm
Drive unit: Electric motor