Counterweight system UPO3000

Max. load 3,000 kg  length: 6.000 mm with control and radio remote control... more
Product information "Counterweight system UPO3000"
  • Max. load 3,000 kg 
  • length: 6.000 mm
  • with control and radio remote control

tipCounterweight systems can be combined with different vacuum cups, depending on the weight and dimension of the disc. 

UPO3000 is a combination of a support tube and movable counterweights with power supply (battery and mains incl. charger). An adapter plate is attached to the front of the support tube, which makes it possible to attach a vacuum lifter. The UPO3000 overhang spreader bar is intended for flexible use on construction sites, on various crane systems, wherever no 220/240 volt connection is available. With a max. load of 3,000 kg, you can safely lift and position even heavy panes. The movable counterweights are operated via a radio remote control. UPO3000 has a 2-strand sling chain that is variably attached to the support tube. Adapter plate, movable counterweights with gear motor, battery charger and batteries are attached to the support tube. The voltage indicator informs the user about the current battery charge level. The charging circuit voltage for the charger is 220-240 volts AC (50/60 Hz). The batteries are maintenance-free and sealed, they are protected against deep discharge. The optional extension allows you to increase the overhang by an additional 1.89 m.

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Technical Data

Load capacity : 3.000 kg
Radio remote control: Yes
Dead weight: 4.350 kg