Stair climber Pianoplan Speedy 600


Economical (reduces personnel costs) Electric transport aid for load transport Safe, easy... more
Product information "Stair climber Pianoplan Speedy 600"
  • Economical (reduces personnel costs)
  • Electric transport aid for load transport
  • Safe, easy to use
  • Three different models
  • Universal application
  • Pioneering technology

 tipIdeal for transporting pianos, drinks dispensers, photocopiers, compressors, air conditioners, household appliances, lift motors and other heavy objects up and down stairs.

Stair climber for a load of up to 600 kg

The Pianoplan transports up to 600 kg on the stairs effortlessly. The work itself is thus done by 1 to 2 men, where previously 4 to 5 men were necessary. The electromagnetic brake ensures maximum safety during travel. It does not matter to the Pianoplan how big the elements are that need to be transported. 


Long operating time and easy to use

With the two batteries installed in the stair climber, up to 50 floors can be mastered under full load. The control switches are located on the steering lever. All functions are electronically tuned, which naturally enables precise and balanced movements. With its compact dimensions and the lifting support, the Pianoplan can turn even in very confined spaces (85 cm). The ideal device to protect the operator. Backache and other physical discomforts are a thing of the past.


Unique in application

Three different model variants offer the possibility to adapt the transport helper individually to any application. 

  • Pianoplan 600J Standard
  • Pianoplan 600J Horizontal
  • Pianoplan 600J Vertical

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Technical Data

Load capacity : 600 kg
Dead weight: 345 kg
Width: 0,43 m