Vacuum cup UPG450

Load capacity: 4 suction cups = 300 kg 6 suction cups = 450 kg Silicone-free... more
Product information "Vacuum cup UPG450"
  • Load capacity:
  • 4 suction cups = 300 kg
  • 6 suction cups = 450 kg
  • Silicone-free suction plates (no marks)
  • Manual rotation 360° with grid every 45° 

  • Manual swivelling without raster
  • Removable support arm - unit depth min. 118 mm
  • Two independent vacuum circuits with 2-fold safety
  • Integrated measuring devices for monitoring the vacuum
  • Acoustic warning devices
  • Mains-independent 12 V battery power supply
  • Meets the requirements of DIN EN 13155
  • Own weight approx. 57 kg

With its long and narrow design, the vacuum lifting device UPG450 is optimally suited for loads up to 450 kg. Thanks to its modular design, the vacuum lifting device UPG450 can be easily and quickly adapted to the respective situation. The standard 4 suction pads can be quickly extended to 6 without tools. The removable load arm offers additional flexibility. The UPG450 glass lifter for cranes has suspension eyes for vertical attachment without a load arm and an ergonomic hand slide valve. The attached suction plates (diameter 300 mm) ensure good adhesion and application power on the construction site. During suction, it is important that the surface is always smooth, straight and impermeable to air. The UPG450 performs the suction process automatically at the push of a button.

The suction battery UPG450 checks the vacuum pressure independently and permanently after suction. If the vacuum is lost, the UPG450 will pump again. The mains-independent power supply of the UPG450 ensures maximum performance in almost any situation. The integrated measuring device provides reliable information about the vacuum and the battery charge status. If vacuum loss occurs or a vacuum circuit fails completely, the UPG450 additionally indicates this with an acoustic warning tone. Furthermore, the regulated vacuum pump ensures constant readiness for operation for up to 8 hours. An absolute novelty is the integrated "complete off switch". If you set this switch to "off", all power is disconnected, i.e. the power remains in the battery and deep discharge is actively prevented. If the UPG450 is still empty, the newly developed charger will help: this charger, which is built into the glass suction cup, can also recharge batteries that have been deeply discharged (in compliance with the law).

Uplifter vacuum cups can be purchased new or used. Vacuum systems can also be rented. Contact us now for your individual offer. 

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Technical Data

Suction disc: 6 pieces
Suitable for curved panes: No
Vertical cylinder: No
Rotatable around: 360°
Radio remote control: No
Operating time: up to 8.0 hours