Germany-wide rental or purchase of new and used outdoor glass vacuum lifters

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Sale, rental and service of new and used outdoor glass vacuum lifters

Vacuum lifters used outdoors can be attached to many cranes or other construction vehicles. They are more versatile than magnets and faster than clamps or slings. It is a reliable, efficient and ergonomic tool when handling near any smooth, nonporous loads. The different series and equipment versions can be also extended with our practical accessories.

Contact our experienced product managers for a non-binding consultation. We will find the solution for your construction site.

Efficient handling

We offer a huge selection of practical outdoor glass vacuum lifters with large load capacities of up to 2000 kg that are specially developed for use on construction sites. Even heavy objects can be lifted, rotated or tilted without the need for forklifts, cranes or winches.

Versatile and efficient handling

Our devices are not only used for glass and window assembly, but also for loading steel plates or prefabricated panels onto delivery vehicles. The mechanical advantage significantly reduces the individual effort that would normally be needed when moving heavy loads.