BAU 2023

09.01.2023 to 14.01.2023

The BAU concept for success

  • BAU is business-oriented and cross-sectoral. It is the business, contact and information platform for everyone involved in the planning, construction and operation of buildings.
  • BAU is practice-oriented and innovative. It offers new materials and products for commercial, residential and interior construction, for new and existing buildings.
  • BAU is international: with over 250,000 visitors, an international share of 34 percent and over 2,280 exhibitors from 45 countries, it is the leading trade fair in Europe and the benchmark worldwide. At the same time, BAU has remained down-to-earth.
  • BAU is inspiring for planners, architects and engineers: 68,000 visitors from planning or architectural offices all over the world come to BAU in Munich every time.
  • BAU is visionary and sustainable: it offers concrete solutions and forward-looking ideas for tackling global, ecological and social challenges.

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