Replacement parts for mini cranes and crane and vacuum systems

replacement-partsOur company’s devices are constantly put to the greatest challenges. Especially moving parts wear out during the course of normal operation, even when they are not subjected to overloading or improper use. With this knowledge, buyers naturally focus on additional offers of repair, maintenance and replacement part supply when preparing to purchase large machines. These three things should ideally not only be taken care of quickly but also reliably.

To keep our crane and vacuum equipment in good working order and to ensure the least possible downtime for our customers, our expert advice and fast shipment of replacement parts are some of our strengths. As the general importer in Germany for quality manufacturers such as Maeda mini cranes, Valla mobile cranes, glass vacuum lifters and for all the other products in our range, we can expect the fastest possible delivery times, in case the necessary replacement part is not already in stock. As a full-service provider, we can provide the original replacement parts for all models of the products in our range.

If you want replacement parts from our product range, you will find exactly the right component – with or without the item number. Contact our workshop if you have any questions or problems. Our workshop team would be pleased to advise you and help you quickly find the best solution to your problem.

In our replacement part logistics, we understand that the parts you request must be delivered to the right place, in the right amount at the right time. If at all possible, we do our best to fulfil this maxim with every order.

If we do not install the replacement parts right there in our workshop, we can do it for you on site, if possible. This is where our seven branches spread all over Germany come into play. No matter where your work site is in Germany, we are always nearby.

If you only need the replacement parts to install them yourself, our workshop department will make sure your requests and orders are taken care of reliably and conveniently for you.

If it happens to be in stock, we can provide you with an exchange part instead of a replacement part, if necessary. This solution is often much cheaper and makes ecological sense, since it saves resources.

Contact our workshop and let us know what replacement part you need. We will find the right solution for you.