UVV (accident prevention regulations) inspection

The Germauvv-accident-prevention-regulations-inspectionn accident prevention regulations (UVV) are the occupational safety and health obligations in the workplace that all companies and entities insured by the statutory occupational accident insurance are required to adhere to.


The accident prevention regulations of the professional trade associations regulate the processes for operational and user safety regarding work and operational resources. It is worth emphasising that the operator is personally responsible for making sure regular inspections are performed by a specialist. If this is not done, these technical work and operational resources may not continue to be operated, and the operator will lose insurance coverage in case of damage.

The UVV tests of equipment and machines are usually carried out by our workshop team directly on site according to Occupational Insurance Regulation 500 “Operation of Work Equipment”, Occupational Insurance Directive D6 “Cranes” and Occupational Insurance Directive D8 “Lifts and Winches”. If there is no other option, if the problems make it necessary or if it is simply easier, the UVV tests will be carried out in our workshop.

Our highest priority is your safety and that of your employees. The first requirement is safe work equipment. We lay the groundwork for “safe and effective work” with our UVV accident prevention checks. To that end, our highly-trained staffs regularly attend multi-day seminars with subsequent proof of expertise given by the TÜV (German Technical Inspection Association).

We do our inspections according to the rules and regulations of the trade association

Rule 54 of the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance)
Winches, lifting and pulling devices (rope and chain hoists, drum winches)

Rule 52 of the DGUV
Bridge cranes, gantry cranes, column-mounted slewing cranes, crane trolleys and cranes without load moment

Rules 100-500, chapter 2.8 of the DGUV
Operation of load carrying devices in lifting operations (chains, ropes, lifting straps, beams, hooks)

Principles 309-001 of the DGUV
Inspection of cranes (mini cranes, mobile cranes, boom cranes)

Rules 113-015 of the DGUV
Hydraulic hoses


During the UVV inspection, visual and functional tests are carried out on the devices. We also inform the owner of the machine about any obvious damage or wear, subsequently coming to a mutual decision on any further steps (repair, component replacement or postponement).

As described in the section above, the UVV inspections are often useful in two ways. On the one hand, as described above, the safety status of the machine is checked and any defects or damage are repaired. The other very underestimated fact is that later, oftentimes higher, costs can be avoided by early detection and repair of small defects.

We offer the following services regarding the regularly required UVV inspections: a timely reminder of the need to test if we sold you your mini crane, mobile crane or vacuum lifter, or of course, if your device or machine has already been with us for a UVV inspection. The UVV sticker that we administer is not only required every year, but it also gives you and your employee’s peace of mind and makes significant contributions to your health and safety.

Maeda mini cranes, Valla mobile cranes, glass vacuum lifters and all of our other transport solutions, as well as third-party brands such as Unic cranes, Jekko, Ormic and others, are inspected according to the current regulations.. Contact us any time you need our workshop crew. A short discussion can quickly clear up any uncertainties or questions.