Our mission statement provides a solid foundation of trust between the management and all of our employees. It sets out not only our business principles, but also the universally binding values that inform how we think and act. Ethical and entrepreneurial.

Owner-managed, medium-sized company

All of our business activities are focused on the long-term security and strength of our owner-managed, medium-sized company.


Constructive and respectful collaboration between the senior management, the management team and all employees is what makes us strong. Mutual respect and esteem is the basis of our work.

Together, we create a pleasurable interpersonal atmosphere, based on mutual trust, reliability and a goal-oriented way of thinking.

With a sense of fairness, trust and reliability, we strive for a spirit of partnership and long-term relationships with our business partners.

All employees are involved in the success of the company.

Uplifter | Employees


A company is only as good as its employees. Our company’s success is based on the commitment of qualified employees.

The motivation and individual skills of all of our employees are demanded and supported without regard to the company hierarchy.

We aspire to create working conditions that will contribute to the personal satisfaction of our employees.

The preservation of our employees’ health is our priority. We provide options that allow all of our employees, especially those who are older, to maintain their level of performance throughout their entire lives.

Career & family

With individualised employee agreements developed in cooperation, Uplifter® allows our employees to pursue satisfaction in the different areas of professional, family and personal life.

Uplifter | Career & family


We achieve measurable results by providing our employees with clearly defined goals.

Within a clearly defined framework, we allow and encourage independent and autonomous action with clear tasks, competencies and responsibilities.

We expect mutual, open and constructive feedback.
By promoting and supporting our employees, we utilise the potential of our employees.

Our customers

Our customers can always find a contact person in the company, because fulfilling our customers’ needs is our highest priority.

We stand for the highest technical quality, fairness, timeliness and fast, clean work. Measures to increase customer satisfaction, even after the contract has been fulfilled, are continuously being improved. Our goal is to exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

Uplifter | Our customers
Uplifter | Brand


For us, the Uplifter® brand is a commitment and an asset.

The promotion and development of our brand’s strength and uniqueness is the foundation for the preservation of our independence.

Our brand conveys quality and safety without evoking unjustified expectations. Uplifter® stands for modern, high-quality, innovative and user-friendly machines for a wide range of users.


Sales, rentals, service and our own production are our four business models.

Our products and our service are of the highest quality and should continuously improve. On one hand, we challenge ourselves, to continuously develop that which is tried-and-tested and, on the other hand, to venture into unknown territory. This makes us competitive.

Uplifter | Strategy
Uplifter | Ecology & future viability

Ecology & future viability

Our goal is to utilise our resources and labour force optimally and to do business effectively in harmony with the environment.

We act without taking risks that could threaten the company’s existence and without overlooking the social and ecological aspects.

Support for social projects

Social involvement is important to us, which is why we support social projects.

  • Die Tafel in Oberviechtach (food charity)
  • Action Chernobyl in Kiev
  • St. Michael Kindergarten in Weidenthal
Uplifter | Support for social projects
Uplifter | Conclusion


The managing directors and the management team are committed to living up to this mission statement.