Overhang UPO 3000

Overhang beam UPO 3000

Traverse with moveable counterweight via radio remote control

Lifting capacity 3000 kg
Mains-independent power supply via maintenance-free batteries
Radio remote control for movements with the counterweights
Adjustable 2-leg chain sling on the support tube
Charge status display of the battery

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Valla V100 R mobile crane

Valla V100 R mobile crane
Compact and strong like a bear

Strong Mobile Crane with electric motor
Made of high quality steel
New, modern design
Max. working high 9,4 Meters
With radio remote control as standard

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Glassworker GW 295

Glassworker GW 295

The most agile in his class
available from summer 2020

Lifting capacity max. 295 kg
Reliable indoors
Lifting height (vertical) 2,42 m.
Lifting height (overhead) 2,90 m.
Folding steering drawbar as a standard
Self-monitoring security system

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Crane boom tip for the Maeda MC 405 and MC 305 mini crane

Crane boom tip for the Maeda MC 405 and MC 305 mini crane

Load Capacity 1500kg
3-way adjustable
versatile use
assembled in a fast and easy way

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Counterweight System UPGGH 350-V

Counterweight System UPGGH 350-V  
Counterweight Holder for different weights

Glazing of roof overhangs
UPG Series Vacuum Lifters can be mounted
Flexible use on construction sites
Suspension quick and easily on the crane eyelet
With variable counterweights or fixed block

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A powerful and smart device
little lift – pretty big

multiple domains
time-saving – installed in only few minutes even by a untrained person
Easy set-up / 90 per cent time-saving
little weight – heaviest component weights less than 30 kilograms (60 pounds) and is equipped […]

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Overhang beam UPO 800

Overhang beam UPO 800

Load lifting attachment with load hook for lifting and positioning construction elements

can be dismantled for transport by trailer or sprinter
electrically driven counterweights allow balancing the loads up to 800 kg
battery-powered energy supply with high capacity
built-in gauge for monitoring […]

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Electric Vacuum Grabber Uplifter “Grabo” | “Grabo PLUS”

Electric Vacuum Grabber Uplifter “Grabo” | “Grabo PLUS”

Lifting loads up to 170 kg in vertical position

Suction on smooth surfaces
Holding force up to 170 kg
Grip safe plastic handle
Weight 1,5 kg
Operating time: 1,5 hours
Uplifter “Grabo PLUS” additionally with vacuum indicator

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UPT 250 – Glass mounting device

UPT 250 – Glass mounting device

operation mounting device – ideal for glass, steel and other smooth material

Raises, lowers and tilts elements up to 250 kg
Uncomplicated and fast setup
Total width from 680 mm to 910 mm (without vacuum system)
stroke approx. 1,000 mm

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Mini Crane Maeda MC 815

Mini Crane Maeda MC 815

The mini crane from the MC series with Pick & Carry capacity

Crane capacity 8.09 t x 2.4 m
1,000 kg Pick & Carry capacity
18.8 m max. working radius
Digital Feedback Remote Control System

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