We revolutionize the lifting technology

The industry must become more and more specialised and at the same time remain flexible. No matter whether it is unloading or a mobile production line, the purpose is to build in as few handovers or intermediate steps as possible. Industrial trucks of the highest quality and reliability are an important part of this. With our industrial plants, we offer a solid, expandable basis that can be used for lifting and transporting for almost all industrial requirements.

Indoor / Outdoor

Our machines can be used both outside and inside. Special light-coloured solid rubber tyres ensure that there are no annoying tyre tracks.


Technical Support

We can also offer UVV testing and service contracts, which guarantees you safety and timely maintenance intervals.

Great Safety

Our machines have a high safety standard and self-explanatory operation. Which significantly simplifies use even with changing personnel.

Flexibly expandable

Due to a standardized admission the industry worker is an investment for the future and can be extended at any time.


Barrel vacuum cleaner


The requirement here was to unload a truck with empty barrels that are not delivered on pallets. The entire loading area was used, which made unloading difficult. The barrel suction device detects how many drums need to be sucked in and lifts them by using vacuum technology.


Charging trolley

Roll removal for the industry

Transport trolleys specially adapted to the production process for machine loading. A roller transport trolley has been specially adapted and manufactured to customer requirements. The weight to be transported as well as the handling was a big challenge. Fast transport and easy handling are always in focus.


1. Choose your base

Base with ≤ 295 kg


Base with ≤ 425 kg


Base with ≤ 625 kg


Base with ≥ 1.000 kg



2. Choose your application area

Mobile small crane


With an endless loop (sloop), bulky or difficult to transport elements can thus be lifted quickly and easily.

Load hook with cable winch


Load-hook with cable winch for lifting or placing elements with millimetre precision over several floors.

Stacker fork


Quick and easy pallet lifting, as additional equipment it makes working even more flexible!

Barrel vacuum-suction


Barrels are an important part of the supply chain for the industry. Handling is often difficult. We offer you the solution.

Barrel and tank 3D manipulator


For canteen kitchens or in the industry it is necessary to transfer or fill liquids in large containers. With our 3D manipulator, turning, swivelling and tilting functions are no problem.

Lifting with suction cups


Bulky goods with smooth surfaces such as cardboard boxes, boxes or cupboards can be picked up by the suction cups.

Lifting of Sheet goods


The transport and handling of sheet goods often presents a big challenge. Functions such as tilting, turning or swivelling cannot be provided by a forklift but are required in most cases.

Elements for the production


Elements for production can be lifted and immediately assembled in one step, so that a mobile production line or an optimization of the work flow is possible at any time.



Sensitive displays or monitors can be easily picked up and transported from the packaging straight to production or assembly.

Tyre fitting


Fast tyre fitting without additional intermediate steps. Transportation from the warehouse directly to the mounting site is more cost-efficient and less stressful for the employees.

Mobile mounting unit


A mobile assembly unit is interesting for small series. Not only the automotive industry uses assembly lines and assembly units that are flexibly designed. This makes it possible to transport, assemble and store assemblies.

Tubes and Rolls


Cylinders or rollers are shapes that are difficult to handle and often have to be turned over several times. Our industry worker manages this in one step. Thanks to his 3D manipulator and roll gripper, lifting and transport to the destination is possible in one step. And this with the highest precision.

Rollers exchange


Rollers changes are becoming more and more demanding as machines become larger and larger. Work that used to be carried out by hand is no longer permitted due to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The industrial worker can be operated with a quick instruction and does not need a forklift license.

Mobile vacuum lifter


Vacuum lifters are usually mounted on stationary cranes, which, however, when firmly mounted, allow the use in only one position. A mobile crane allows the use at different production facilities. It also offers the possibility of moving products.

Mobile grab


A replacement for mini excavators or small cranes. Use the possibility to lift stones, pipes or concrete elements quickly and easily. Without heavy and expensive equipment you can easily install heavy materials.

Ceiling mounting


Working overhead is difficult and always presents employees with a big challenge. Mobile and safe, loads over ≥ 1,000 kg can be permanently positioned in such a way that assembly is easy and safe.

Mould construction/transport


In mould and tool making, individual production is often used. Here, reworking and final assembly is often only possible after repeated lifting. Use the industry worker to be able to do all this in one step.

Components and assemblies


Concave and convex shapes are being used more and more, which presents new challenges for handling. Thanks to vacuum technology and the use of suction cups, flexible pickup and safe transport without damages is no problem. Placement with millimetre precision is no problem, but defines the industrial worker’s area of application precisely.

Heavy doors and windows


In buses and trains, elements such as doors and windows are large and difficult to handle. These are often difficult to access and transport during production, but especially during maintenance or subsequent exchange. This is where we start in.

Individual special solutions

We can develop solutions for you very quickly and effectively.

Please ask us without any obligations.


3. Combine the possibilities

A big advantage is to have a base that can cope with different applications. Work processes can be optimized and internal company work can be implemented quickly and easily. Whenever it comes to lifting and transporting, the industry worker comes into action.


Benefit from innovative technology

3D manipulators

With the help of a manipulator it is possible to place elements exactly. The following parameters are possible:

  • Rotate
  • Tilting
  • Panning
  • Lateral displacement

This allows very filigree and particularly sensitive work steps to be solved. With maximum flexibility and mobility.


State of the art

Automated productions are state of the art. Flexible solutions will become more and more important in the future. Our industry worker provides the basis for this. With modules for autonomous driving adapted to your company. Or sensors that avoid collisions and maintain distances can be individually adapted to your needs.