Construction site operations with mini crane, glass suction unit and glassworker

There are many manufacturers of mini cranes on the market. It is often difficult for the layman to keep track of them all and to weigh up the features of the individual cranes. The Uplifter product manager clarifies.
Benefit from the advantages of this articulated arm extension:
More reach, more flexibility, more uses!
In the middle of the center of Prague, at a depth of over 50 meters, the tunnel facilities for a new subway station are currently being built. The VALLA 250E mobile crane is being used for various lifting tasks in the tunnel. An indispensable machine for the current construction work. But now the construction site is at a complete standstill, as the mobile crane needs professional maintenance and repair - as quickly as possible. Find out now what happens next.
A significant milestone for the Uplifter company: the mini cranes have been on sale throughout Europe since September 2022. Highest quality through components manufactured in Europe and especially much equipment in the standard convince immediately.
Uplifter is involved in the architectural project THE SPIN in Frankfurt am Main! The 128 meter high skyscraper is expected to be completed in April 2023. Learn more now about the technology used, special developments and concepts - from the early construction phase to the glazing on the 31st floor.
Uplifter always has a solution ready! The special rubber suction pads of the Uplifter glass suction cups convince all along the line! Enormous time savings on the construction site in Essen. Read more now.
This is where it gets really tight! The glass lifter used a mini crane to get to the 1st floor of a residential building near Würzburg: Millimeter work for the GW1125 glass worker. A sure instinct and experience are required here!
Mini crane MK1033 shows all its skills when used in a low industrial hall with glass suction unit UPG450. Even low room heights, tire tracks and suction marks are no longer a problem with Uplifter's technology.
Renovation and refurbishment work on buildings is in high season again from spring onwards. Start of the season in Darmstadt and assignment for fitter Timo: window pane replacement on a listed building with vacuum glass suction.
Maximum precision when using the crane through windows and doors! When things are this tight, sensitive control on the mini crane is indispensable. Here you can see some of the requirements that were mastered during this rental operation at Cham.
What is a mini crane doing in BMW Welt? Uplifter deployment with Maeda mini crane in Munich. BMW is one of its long-standing, loyal customers and appreciates the over 20 years of lifting expertise of the market leader in lifting and vacuum technology.
Large construction site at the NKP in Bonn: Uplifter is live on site with the revolutionary working beast, the Glassworker GW1125. See exclusive footage from the construction site here.
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