PLANNING SHIELD optional  Load capacity max. 8,100 kg Movable up to 3,500 kg (Pick... more
Product information "CC1908"
  • PLANNING SHIELD optional 
  • Load capacity max. 8,100 kg
  • Movable up to 3,500 kg (Pick & Carry)
  • Working radius max. 19.2 m
  • Hook height approx. 20.1 m 
  • (26.0 m with fly jib optional)
  • L/W/H 7,370 mm x 2,490 mm x 3,015 mm
  • Diesel engine YANMAR exhaust standard stage 5 with 52.3 kW 2,100 rpm
  • Steel tracks with rubber pads
  • Own weight approx. 19,400 kg


Standard equipment

Overspeed protection, hydraulic safety valves, steel tracks, levelling indicator, LED operating warning light, air conditioning, work lights, safety interlock, tilt alarm, rear/front camera, emergency stop switch, load moment limiter, hour meter, data logger, 2/4/6 hook block 

tipUse the dozer blade for additional stability when craning.

The CC1908 model has many market-leading features, including a massive 8.1t capacity, 20.1m lift height and 3.5t pick-and-carry capacity. Top features on this model include load moment limiter, steel tracks (with optional rubber pads), over-rotation protection, hydraulic safety valves, leveling indicator, emergency stop switch, LED operating warning light, air conditioning, 6-way/4-way/2-way hook block, work lights, hour meter, tilt alarm, safety interlock, reversing camera, front camera, 10.4-inch touchscreen monitor and data logger. A roof window with a wide view, sunshade and visor are also standard here. This mini crane does not rely on any outriggers, this allows working on an extremely small footprint. The slewing radius is very small compared to other models, which allows work in restricted areas. The diesel engine is particularly economical.

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Technical Data

Load capacity : 8.100 kg
Working height: 26,00 m
Dead weight: 19.400 kg
Length : 7,37 m
Width: 2,49 m
Drive unit: Dieselmotor
Max. rope length: 148,8 m
Min. footprint: 3,74 m x 2,49 m