UMFC750 Mini Crane

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Wide range of applications 0.65 m wide Slim design Multifunctional chassis Two body... more
Product information "UMFC750 Mini Crane"
  • Wide range of applications
  • 0.65 m wide
  • Slim design
  • Multifunctional chassis
  • Two body variants available

The UMFC750/K is the classic counterweight with two long, rear-facing outriggers with counterweights. In this version it offers 900 kg payload, which is raised to a hook height of 2.90 m. Equipped with a winch, a UMFC is ideal for lowering loads far below zero - especially where heavy equipment cannot be used. With the short version UMFC750/Ks, you can operate wherever a high payload is required but limited space prevents the use of the UMFC750/K or other machines. The Ks manages with only 0.65 x 1.20 m and provides 745 kg payload. K and Ks models use the same multifunction chassis. This creates flexibility in use, as both variants can be used by simply exchanging the outriggers and weight box. If necessary, a UMFC can be dismantled in just a few steps, so that it can be used at almost any site.

The telescope is adjustable from 0.26 - 1.40 m outreach. The Mini Floor Cranes are equipped, among other things, with steerable wheels with total brake stop and 90° directional lock.

Special equipment:

  • Lateral outriggers for more stability under wind load

  • Outdoor tyres for lower point load and better handling in outdoor areas



  • Suspension jacks with remote control, among other things, to lift loads far below zero

  • 2-circuit vacuum lifter in various versions
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Technical Data

Load capacity : 555 kg, 900 kg
Working height: 2,90 m
Dead weight: 168 kg, 206 kg
Length : 1,80 m
Width: 0,65 m
Height: 1,92 m
Forward scope: 1,28 m
Off-road: Yes
Transport: sprinter