Vacuum cup DSZ3500

High-quality vacuum suction cup DSZ3500 with 3500 kg load capacity

Load capacity up to 3,500 kg Four-circle system 12 suction plates (Ø 520 mm) Available... more
Product information "Vacuum cup DSZ3500"
  • Load capacity up to 3,500 kg
  • Four-circle system
  • 12 suction plates (Ø 520 mm)
  • Available with radio remote control
  • Motorised rotation through 360° with two gear motors
  • Hydraulic tilting by 90

The DSZ3500 vacuum lifter effortlessly lifts up to 3,500 kg without a heavy workload. Simple and safe. With its four suction circuits and four vacuum pumps, the glass vacuum lifter with its 12 suction plates lifts loads without any problems. This vacuum cup is intended for flexible use on construction sites, on various crane systems, etc. The suction cup is powered by the built-in rechargeable batteries. If the power supply is interrupted, the transport material can still be safely deposited with the help of the built-in four vacuum reservoirs. The four vacuum pumps, the vacuum reservoirs, the hydraulic pump, the batteries and the charger are installed in the base frame. The vacuum pumps operate without oil lubrication and are therefore maintenance-free. Rotation, swivelling, suction and release are controlled with the cable remote control. A radio remote control is available as an option. The four vacuum manometers constantly provide information about the vacuum conditions in each suction circuit. The voltage indicator always informs about the current charge status of the batteries. The vacuum is automatically switched off at -0.72 bar to avoid unnecessary strain on the battery. The pump is switched on at a vacuum of -0.68 bar. The batteries are maintenance-free, protected against deep discharge and sealed.

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Technical Data

Suction disc: 12 pieces
Suitable for curved panes: No
Vertical cylinder: Yes
Rotatable around: 360° electric
Radio remote control: Yes
Operating time: up to 8.0 hours