Electric hand vacuum cup "Grabo PRO"

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Max. load 170 kg vertical Price per piece Suction of smooth surfaces With digital... more
Product information "Electric hand vacuum cup "Grabo PRO""
  • Max. load 170 kg vertical
  • Price per piece
  • Suction of smooth surfaces
  • With digital vacuum display
  • Automatically switches off when vacuum is reached
  • Non-slip plastic handle
  • Incl. 1 battery and charger
  • Incl. 1 rubber foam seals
  • Own weight approx. 2 kg

The Uplifter Grabo PRO is a portable, all-electric vacuum suction lifter that has a holding force of up to 170 kg vertically and can suction itself onto any smooth surface. Uplifter's first portable, all-electric handheld vacuum lifter can lift, move and place virtually anything. Suctioning everything from glass panes, windows, doors, tiles, metal panels, drywall and concrete blocks to furniture and large electrical appliances such as a refrigerator or washing machine makes handling much easier. As a result, heavy and large materials can be lifted much more safely and comfortably. In addition, this hand vacuum makes the work much more relaxed for the professional. The weight of the hand vacuum can always be transported very close to the body and is easy on or relieves the user's spine. The electric uplifter suction lifter Grabo Pro is a clever addition to the tool inventory for a very broad group of professionals ranging from construction professionals and warehouse workers to service and workshop employees in all industries where heavy lifting is the order of the day.

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Technical Data

Load capacity : 170 kg
Length : 0,297 m
Width: 0,181 m
Height: 0,115 m
Operating time: up to 1.5 hours