Pick & Carry cranes - what you should know about maintenance and service!

Special cranes for heavy-duty assembly are mobile, strong and maneuverable and are popular for lifting applications where a truck-mounted or stationary crane is too large and inflexible. The self-propelled cranes meet high safety standards and impress with low operating costs. Mobile cranes are excellent alternatives to ordinary forklifts and can also be excellent substitutes for heavy-duty cranes. Performance, movement precision and compactness speak for themselves. By the way, these industrial cranes with electric drive can handle lifting loads from 2,000 kg to 90,000 kg and are therefore particularly popular in the industrial sector. An electric crane carries out special assembly work indoors without any exhaust fumes or noise - a great advantage. The selection of battery-powered pick & carry cranes on the market is huge. But what to do if the manufacturer no longer exists or does not operate in Germany?

Who then helps with the maintenance of mobile e-cranes and carries out the prescribed UVV inspection

For the currently common pick & carry cranes, such as models from VALLA, Galizia Gru, Manitex or Terex, there are various companies that offer service and maintenance work, at least for their own brands. If you have several machines from different manufacturers, it can be more difficult to find the right service partner for each machine. But what about the exotics among the electric mobile cranes? Who can still supply spare parts or repair the machines for lesser-known brands such as Manghi Gru, Ormig, Horyong, Orbit AXA, Mulinari, Baka, Jekko, KRUPP, Gottwald, TEREX, Hüffermann or Broderson? And what if the manufacturer, such as Airport2000, no longer exists? A mobile crane is - even if it is already getting on in years - a valuable investment and let's not mince words: at the time of purchase, it is quite an expensive investment, which is only put into perspective over the years. 

The Uplifter workshop team has recently received an increasing number of inquiries on this very subject and has equipped itself accordingly. From now on you can bring your Pick & Carry crane - no matter which brand, no matter which manufacturer! - to Uplifter - or we can simply come to you! Repair, maintenance, service and UVV inspections can be carried out throughout Germany on all equipment - including third-party equipment! - can be carried out. A large spare parts stock guarantees short repair times!

Ask our service manager and workshop foreman right away: 

Phone: +49 9433 20499-370
E-Mail: werkstatt@uplifter.de

By the way: Uplifter offers attractive maintenance contracts for all equipment - regardless of the manufacturer. Uplifter customers also rely on the Uplifter Care program, an all-round carefree package! Contact your Uplifter workshop expert now and benefit from the many years of experience and exclusive service in the areas of repair, maintenance, service and UVV testing. 

Uplifter itself has been distributing VALLA pick & carry cranes for years. This down-to-earth brand from Italy has been specializing in mobile cranes since 1945: Technology, performance, capacity and, of course, appearance have always been optimized. 

Be sure to read the article: Valla mobile cranes continue their success with Uplifter as a partner.

Why are we at Uplifter so enthusiastic about Valla mobile cranes? Smallest dimensions and a low dead weight, coupled with amazing lifting power are the hallmarks of VALLA cranes. Due to the compact design, even passage through narrow doors and smallest assembly openings are no longer an obstacle. All mobile cranes are battery-powered, allowing them to be used in environments with high requirements regarding emissions of any kind. In addition, these pick & carry cranes are radio-controlled, eliminating the need for an additional crane operator, which further increases the cost-effectiveness of these e-cranes. Lifted loads can be moved directly, making lifting and transport operations possible that you never thought possible! Valla mobile cranes show their full potential during maintenance work: Space does not have to be created, additional constructions such as trestle cranes are no longer necessary. Are you perhaps considering the purchase of a mobile crane? We would be pleased to offer you a new or used crane according to your ideas without any obligation. Or would you like to rent a pick & carry crane for your application? Simply get in touch with our contact persons.

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