UPP300 panel vacuum

Max. load capacity 300 kg Gentle, safe handling of material Highest laying performance... more
Product information "UPP300 panel vacuum"
  • Max. load capacity 300 kg
  • Gentle, safe handling of material
  • Highest laying performance with reduced manpower
  • Functionally relevant assemblies protected or reinforced
  • Energy-saving vacuum-controlled motor circuitry
  • Vacuum monitoring with digital vacuum sensor
  • UV-resistant suction plates with very long service life
  • Elasticity even at minus temperatures
  • Mains-independent installation outdoors
  • Space-saving transport
  • Tool-free adaptation options
  • With long-life battery and integrated charger


Wall mounting

  • Stepless swivel unit from 0 - 90
  • Laying or fixing of wall elements
  • Holding power and stability without hooks and eyes
  • Installation of facade and wall cladding, even in large halls and buildings
  • Damage-free handling of surfaces


Roof assembly

  • Verlegen von Dachelementen mit großer Geschwindigkeit in nahezu jeder Höhe
  • Bis zu 18 m Länge
  • Bis zu 300 kg Gewicht
  • Sicheres und deutlich effizienteres Arbeiten

Laying of roof elements at high speed at almost any height

Up to 18 m length

Up to 300 kg weight

Safe and significantly more efficient work

The UPP300 panel vacuum cleaner has a maximum load capacity of up to 300 kg. An absolute specialist when it comes to gentle and safe handling of sandwich elements, roof and wall panels. This allows you to achieve maximum laying performance with reduced manpower. The mains-independent power supply has an energy-saving vacuum-controlled motor circuit and vacuum monitoring with digital sensor. With the long-life special battery and the integrated charger, mains-independent laying outdoors for a duration of up to 8 hours is no longer a problem. The panel vacuum cleaner is equipped with 4 UV-resistant suction plates and can be extended to 6 without tools. All functionally relevant assemblies are protected or reinforced and the suction plates retain their elasticity even at minus temperatures. A main cross-beam with a length of 1 m and optional cross-beams in the sizes 3 m, 4 m, 6 m and 8 m are available as accessories. The strap safety devices required by law are included in the scope of delivery!

With the UPP300 panel lifter, we guarantee uncomplicated transport of the sandwich panels, as well as rapid assembly of almost all commercially available sandwich ISO elements and trapezoidal sheets. We are also happy to offer you other panel lifters with round and longitudinal suction cups. Please contact us!

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Technical Data

Suction disc: 4 pieces
Radio remote control: No