Load capacity max.  400 kg Rope winch for lifting and lowering approx. 15 m rope... more
Product information "UPC400"
  • Load capacity max. 400 kg
  • Rope winch for lifting and lowering approx. 15 m rope
  • Uncomplicated and quick assembly/disassembly (8 components)
  • Mast can be tilted with hydraulic cylinder up to - 70°/+ 58
  • Mast can be rotated +/- 15
  • Non-slip handle
  • Own weight approx. 340 kg

tipCombination with vacuum cups possible. 

The UPC400 is a small crane that can lift loads with a winch and a hydraulic cylinder. To improve manoeuvrability, the base frame can be pushed apart or together. The boom arm can be extended and is locked in one of nine possible positions. The angle of the boom arm can be adjusted and the mast can be rotated by ±15°. The maximum load capacity of the UPC is 400 kg. For transport, the UPC400 can be disassembled into eight individual parts without tools. With just a few simple steps, this counterweight crane can be stowed away in an absolutely space-saving manner and transported effortlessly in a car or sprinter. 

The clever material lifter from Uplifter not only has all the functions of a small crane, but is also a real powerhouse, small and manoeuvrable, which should not be missing on any construction site. This counterweight crane was developed for all businesses that need a mobile lifting device. 

The multifunctional UPC400 is ideal for use as a workshop crane. Mobile workshop cranes are used for lifting, holding and moving all kinds of loads in workshops and industrial assembly. For simple lifting work, but also for special requirements of any kind, for example when the engine has to be lifted out of the car body, the UPC400 with wire rope winch is the first choice.  Whether as a classic ground crane in the workshop or with additional equipment as an assembly crane in the glass industry, wherever classic mini cranes cannot be set up, the UPC400 is the ideal helper for load handling. Safe special hydraulics, lowering with millimetre precision and quickly removable counterweights are further features of this mobile industrial crane. 

Thanks to their compact design, mobile small cranes like the Uplifter UPC400 can be used optimally even in tight spaces, are easy to operate and make daily lifting work much easier. Best lifting performance in the tightest of spaces for efficient work! The narrow design of the UPC400 manual hydraulic crane makes it easy to transport the unit in all standard lifts from floor to floor, through room doors or in dismantled condition through the stairwell. 



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Technical Data

Load capacity : 400 kg
Working height: 2,40 m
Dead weight: 340 kg
Width: 0,54 m
Height: 1,77 m
Forward scope: 1,30 m
Electric winch: No
Transport: Passenger car, sprinter, Truck