Assembly concept of facade and glass elements

Use of the Uplifter technology  

during the construction of the 128 m high skyscraper THE SPIN in Frankfurt am Main    

A 128 m high skyscraper named THE SPIN adorns the corner of Mainzer Landstraße and Güterplatz, forming the entrance to the Europaviertel in Frankfurt am Main. THE SPIN is the first skyscraper with a roof terrace on Mainzer Landstraße in around 30 years. To be allowed to participate in this architectural project makes the entire Uplifter team especially proud.

The shell of the high-rise building has been completed since January 2022. Uplifter's lifting technology was already in use during the early construction phase: the MAEDA MC305 mini crane was used to lift a wide variety of construction elements. Despite its small size, this mini crane is very powerful and is optimally used in hard-to-reach places and on construction sites. Its lifting capacity of up to 2,980 kg with an inherent width of only 1.28 m and a maximum lifting height of 12.52 m is very impressive. Incidentally, this crane is also available as a fully electric version. 

Currently, the facade work, interior finishing and technical building equipment are in full swing. Uplifter is a strong partner thanks to its enormous know-how and over 20 years of experience in lifting and vacuum technology for assembly concepts of facade and glass elements on large construction sites. The large rental park in the Frankfurt area is ideally equipped for large-scale projects, both in terms of the number and the diversity of the equipment. But also small craftsmen are longtime customers of Uplifter. 

Renting directly from the manufacturer has many advantages: short-term special solutions and special applications are no obstacle for the experienced, innovative and perfectly trained staff of Uplifter. For example, a special design on the Glassworker GW1125 was developed and realized at short notice for the project THE SPIN in close teamwork: The vacuum cross was modified so that special corner elements could be produced and assembled quickly and safely. This development from Uplifter immediately exceeded all expectations.  

The Uplifter team also found a particularly clever solution on site for the assembly of the upper glass panels in the future offices on the 22nd to 31st floors. The window elements are secured and moved at airy heights using an overhanging crossbeam and manipulator. The highlight: The overhang traverse, which can be controlled by radio remote control, has two motor-driven fans. At the push of a button, the crossbeam can be brought into position with absolute precision - an enormous time-saver.  


  • Floors: 31 above ground
  • Height: 128 m
  • Completion date: April 2023
  • Status: under construction
  • Use: office, hotel

Several years ago, Uplifter's technology was already in use at the neighboring prestige project GRAND TOWER, the largest residential building in Germany. For the transport of the construction elements, several models of the Glassworker (an in-house development of the Uplifter production in Nabburg) with operator were rented from the Uplifter rental park located in Münster. Uplifter - this is what effective and ergonomic work looks like! 

Experience, reliability and quickly available rental equipment with or without operator are part of Uplifter's service. Germany-wide rental is a central pillar of Uplifter's business, along with development, production, sales and service. Benefit from the perfectly developed location network of Uplifter rental. Whether renting or buying, Uplifter is your partner and solution finder for all lifting tasks. 

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