Load capacity up to 1,225 kg 1,203 mm long 800 mm wide  380 mm high Battery... more
Product information "UPM1225"
  • Load capacity up to 1,225 kg
  • 1,203 mm long
  • 800 mm wide 
  • 380 mm high
  • Battery operated
  • Wading depth 12 cm
  • Fully proportional remote control
  • Incline up to 45
  • 3 km/h maximum speed
  • Own weight: 340 kg
  • incl. socket adapter for charging cable connection

Quieter, higher and cheaper - the Uplifter UPM1225 revolutionises the market among tracked transport platforms. With the Uplifter Mover, the Uplifter development department has designed a device for load transport that guarantees the best price-performance ratio. The Uplifter Mover is particularly quiet in electric driving mode and can therefore be ideally used indoors and in noise-reduced zones. Thanks to its powerful electric caterpillar drive and extra ground clearance, this unit is more than capable of off-road driving and can easily overcome previously insurmountable obstacles; even slopes of up to 45° are possible. The fully proportional remote control ensures that the load vehicle can be steered very sensitively; small deviations can be compensated for without jerks by means of dosed rudder deflections and controlled with pinpoint accuracy so that the goods to be transported are not damaged. Operation is intuitive, smooth and fully proportional operation of the machine is guaranteed.

With a tare weight of only 340 kg, the Uplifter UPM1225 reaches a top speed of 3 km/h, which is appropriate for its weight. With its compact dimensions, the battery-powered UPM1225 is quick to load and can be transported from job site to job site in a sprinter. Uplifter Movers are built to be both compact and efficient. The low load floor height with maximum ground clearance, facilitates loading and at the same time increases stability. A high number of castors supports the optimal weight distribution of the load on the loading area, ensures smooth running and even enables the user to climb stairs with the stair climber set. Uplifter tracked transporters are incredibly versatile machines with enormous capabilities and countless applications. The cost-effective and safe solution for load transport. Think about the health of your employees and save valuable labour and personnel costs. Increase the application possibilities and profitability of Uplifter tracked transport equipment to the maximum. Our design and development department is also at your disposal for special adaptations or special constructions. Uplifter has the alternative working method for your company. Ask us right away!

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Technical Data

Load capacity : 1.225 kg
Dead weight: 340 kg
Length : 1,21 m
Width: 0,80 m
Height: 0,38 m
Off-road: Yes
Radio remote control: Yes
Transport: sprinter