Available from July 2024 Max. load capacity 600 kg Additional manual extension (610... more
Product information "GLASSWORKER GW600 PRO"
  • Available from July 2024
  • Max. load capacity 600 kg
  • Additional manual extension (610 mm)
  • Fully hydraulic extension
  • Vertical mounting up to 3.60 m
  • Overhead mounting up to 4.20 m
  • Sensitive hydraulics
  • Sensitive radio remote control with LCD display, charger, second battery and accessories
  • Visual display of all queries in the radio remote control
  • Self-monitoring safety system
  • Plug & Play delivery
  • Overload key
  • Hydraulic side shift in the vacuum cross (+/- 50 mm)
  • Automatic angle correction
  • Hydraulic turning
  • Hydraulic swivel
  • Front drive 3 kW

Removable vacuum cup UPG600

  • Load capacity: 4 suction cups = 300 kg, 6 suction cups = 450 kg and 8 suction cups = 600 kg
  • Silicone-free suction pads (no marks)
  • Remote control and push-button operation
  • Suction plates with spring-loaded plunger and joint
  • Removable support arm, device depth min. 139 mm
  • Two independent vacuum circuits with 2-fold safety
  • Individual suction cup arrangement without tools
  • Mains-independent 12 V battery power supply
  • Extension arms for large-area elements
  • Meets the requirements of DIN EN 13155
  • Permissible temperature range 0° to 40°


  • Operating instructions with CE declaration of conformity
  • Total weight of glassworker + vacuum suction cup approx. 1,035 - 1,095 kg


With the GW600 PRO, you get an innovative solution for glass installation that is equipped with a manipulator and vacuum suction cup. This high-quality product has been specially developed to help you install glass safely and efficiently.

The GW600 PRO has a robust design that ensures a high load-bearing capacity. Thanks to the manipulator, you can position the glass precisely and attach it securely. The vacuum suction cups provide a strong hold and ensure that the glass does not slip during installation. This device saves you time and energy. The simple operation allows you to install glass quickly and easily. In addition, the reliable suction power ensures that the glass is held securely, even with heavier loads.

The GW600 PRO is an indispensable tool for professionals in the glass installation industry. It offers you safety, efficiency and precision when installing glass. Trust in the quality of this product and make your work easier.

Order the GW600 PRO today and benefit from its outstanding features and advantages. Always be optimally equipped for every glass installation task.

tipBenefit from the Uplifter PRO principle - two devices in one machine. The innovation on the market, a glassworker with a removable and independently usable vacuum cross. Remain as individual as your requirements on the construction site.

Uplifter is your specialist with over 20 years of experience in glass installation. Whether you are looking for a glass robot, glass lifter or a device for transporting windows, we offer you standard solutions from our in-house production and also manufacture special solutions according to your requirements. Simply enquire, your glass installation device for easy glass transportation is just a click away.

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Technical Data

Load capacity : 600 kg
Working height: 3.646 m Centre vacuum cross
Dead weight: 1,035 - 1,095 kg
Length : 2,454 m
Width: 0,831 m
Indoor: Yes
Off-road: Yes
Highlifter: Optional
Forward scope: 1,49 - 2,10 m
Operating time: up to 8.0 hours
Radio remote control: Yes
Transport: sprinter