Vacuum cross or load hook:


Max. load 425 kg Silicone-free suction plates (no marks) Electric extension... more
Product information "GLASSWORKER GW425"
  • Max. load 425 kg
  • Silicone-free suction plates (no marks)
  • Electric extension
  • Additional manual extension Highlifter
  • Vertical mounting up to 3.0 m
  • Overhead mounting up to 3.40 m
  • Cable remote control 
  • Self-monitoring safety system
  • Plug & Play delivery
  • Overload key
  • 4 suction plates Ø 350 mm
  • Manual rotation
  • Manual swivel
  • Battery 2 x 90 Ah
  • Front-wheel drive 1.2 kW
  • Operating instructions with CE declaration of conformity
  • Own weight approx. 680 kg
  • Radio remote control optional
  • Angle correction optional

The Glassworker GW425 is very manoeuvrable, making it perfect for use on indoor and outdoor construction sites. With a lifting capacity of up to 425 kg, this lifting crane is one of the strongest in its class. Unloading, transporting and installing large glass panels, even over uneven ground on site, is our passion. The ideal machine for handling glass in the factory and placing it on cutting tables. Glass can be easily transported on site even over uneven floors thanks to the double vacuum system. Due to its narrow and short design, the glass assembly lift also fits through angled and narrow doorways. The upward-folding steering drawbar makes it easy to load into any small van and allows quick transport from site to site. This makes the GW425 lift extremely flexible to use as well as economically efficient.

Ergonomics, economy and easy handling at a very high performance level, these are the strengths of our GW425 lift. The computer-assisted, self-monitoring safety system makes it the safest and, with a lifting capacity of up to 140 kg when the arm is fully extended, also the strongest lift in the 400 class. A wide range of optional accessories and painting in your desired colour complete the package.

tipOur GLASSWORKERS are equipped with state-of-the-art control technology. This means that programmable updates can be used at a later date. Benefit from our continuous product development.

Lifting and transporting glass is part of your everyday business? Then a glass lifting device or glass assembly crane from Uplifter is exactly the right choice. Whether it's a used glass lifter, a new piece of equipment or a rental enquiry, we'll be happy to advise you on the phone or via e-mail. Call us right away or come by one of our bases. Together we will find the right material lift for you. Benefit from our extremely fast delivery times. Delivery within 24 hours - worldwide. 

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Technical Data

Load capacity : 425 kg
Working height: 2.990 m Centre vacuum cross
Dead weight: 680 kg
Length : 2,280 m
Width: 0,816 m
Indoor: Yes
Off-road: Yes
Highlifter: Standard
Forward scope: 1,70 m
Operating time: up to 8.0 hours
Radio remote control: Optional
Transport: sprinter